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Plinio Nomellini

Plinio Nomellini, Girl coming out of the wood, 1904_© Giovanni Fattori Museum

Museum Partner is born, the new project, promoted by Lucca Art Fair, aimed at the valorization and knowledge of the art collections present in Tuscan civic museums and their artistic heritage. A vast cultural deposit, sometimes little known, which analyzed systematically, can lead to the knowledge and greater use of the general public and younger generations of the immense artistic heritage preserved in our museums, focusing on the importance of collecting as a way to acquire and preserve the works, allowing an increasingly wide audience to enjoy them over time.
The first Tuscan museum to present its collection at the fair will be the
Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori in Livorno. The exhibition, retracing the history of the acquisition of the Museo Fattori's collection, will be composed of an unpublished selection of 22 drawings and prints by the revolutionary leader of the "painters of the stain", Giovanni Fattori, and by the universe of friends, artists and students who gravitated around him; works that have long been kept away from the spotlight of the museum's official and permanent exhibitions, mainly for conservation reasons. 
"Nascita di una collezione" is therefore presented to the general public in all its exceptionality to tell the story of a collection of excellence and its artistic identity, reinforcing the fruitful dialogue between public and private institutions, fundamental for a healthy valorization of our vast cultural heritage.


Lucca Art Fair and Premio Combat renew for 2022 their collaboration for Art Tracker, a special section dedicated to the enhancement of talents under 35. This year two artists - Erika Pellicci (Barga, 1992. Lives and works in Berlin) and Marco Rossetti (Capua, 1987. Lives and works between Naples and Florence) - have been selected by the Combat jury to represent a cross-section of very young Italian art in a curatorial project within the fair's programming. For this edition, the curatorship of the final phase of Art Tracker is entrusted to Elisa Muscatelli, a young curator under 35. Art Tracker 2022 will be hosted by the Casermetta di Santa Croce, a historical bulwark located on the walls of Lucca, granted by the City of Lucca for the duration of the event, and located near the Real Collegio, this year the venue of Lucca Art Fair. The two places are placed within a dialogue that sees contemporary art permeate the urban, historical, and contemporary fabric of the city of Lucca.


The exhibition project


The exhibition project of Art Tracker 2022 is conceived starting from a reflection on the land of origin - whether it be an intimate place of research and lived experiences or belonging to a territorial place - and on wandering, a dual movement, spatial and mental, that does not allow the stasis in a single place.
The non-place of the artist's dimension thus becomes a hybrid space that never manages to define itself completely, a reality shaped by continuous cross-references and hybridizations.
The exhibition Meeting Points occupies the spaces of the Casermetta Santa Croce borrowing the looks of Marco Rossetti, between archive, historical and personal memory, and those of Erika Pellicci, with spatial and metaphorical paths towards themselves and the other, showing the complexity of the feeling of belonging to a place, a time and a body, symptomatic of the contemporary.
Accompanying the exhibition, video interviews with the collaboration of the students of the History of Art at the
University of Florence, to introduce to the public the winners of the prize and their artistic practice.


Casermetta Santa Croce, Lucca


The project is part of TOSCANAINCONTEMPORANEA2021



Also for the sixth edition of Lucca Art Fair, the appointment for guided tours of the exhibition itinerary of the fair is confirmed as an opportunity for exchange and approach to the world of collecting, aimed at an amateur and non-amateur public. The itinerary is edited by Francesca Baboni.

It is possible to book by writing


Saturday 21 May11.00 - 15.00 - 17.00

Sunday 22 May11.00 - 15.00 

Guided tours

© Vittorio Gaddi

TALK 2021

Arianna Baldoni

Talks and Interviews by Ariadne Baldonthe, art critic, teacher and journalist. Interviews (archive section) edited byBianca Trevisan, art historian, professor at the Catholic University, curator of the Milan Gallery.


© Frances Romano

The market in the contemporary between fairs, auctions, collecting, private spaces and online sales


The debate examines how the market, in an increasingly accentuated way, influences contemporary art and directs the choices of private individuals (gallerists, dealers and collectors), the role of Italy on the international scene, the countries and the galleries that determine the lines guide. The discrepancies that sometimes occur between the value of the work, the career of an artist and the market trend are significant. Furthermore, the interviews will focus on the function of fairs and auctions in relation to the stability, upsurge or “decline” of the artist. Finally, the figure of the collector will be analyzed as an amateur, active participant or strategist within the mercantile system. The talk will be contextualized in a broad vision that involves the trade fair and online sales system, which in the last period has achieved a forced and significant expansion.

Interview Arianna Baldoni | Vittorio Gaddi

Friday 28 May, 3.30 pm live social mediaFacebookAndInstagram 

© Nicoletta Castellaneta

Vittorio Gaddi - Collector.


Vittorio Gaddi, notary and contemporary art collector. His collection, which began in the 1990s, is called “Collezione Nunzia e Vittorio Gaddi” and is exhibited in two locations a few kilometers apart: one in Lucca and  l'altra in Vorno, a fraction of the Municipality of Capannori.
The collection is included in various publications, among which we mention the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors and The Pleasure of Art by Adriana Polveroni and Marianna Agliottone (Johan & Levi).
Works from the Collection have been loaned for temporary exhibitions held in some of the most important Italian, European and American museums.

InterviewArianna Baldoni | Renato Diez

Friday 28 May, 5.30 pm live social mediaFacebookAndInstagram 

Renato Diez- Journalist, market expert and art investment.


Renato Diez, an art journalist and art market analyst for thirty years, was Director of the Modern and Contemporary Art department, and then of all the specialized departments of the Italian branch of Christie's. He taught Economics of art at the BB.AA Academy. of Venice and has lectured at conferences and universities.


© Christian Campanini

Contemporary art: communication strategies and the influence of social media

The conversations focus on the influence of the contemporary media and the rapid rise of innovative communication models. Andy Warhol had intuited, and partially described, the society of the future and how this would undergo strong accelerations thanks to the media system. The comparison between the recent past and the constantly evolving present highlights how the "old" media have been overwhelmed and incorporated by the internet, and how this has also transformed art in the dissemination of events, projects, exhibitions. The strengths and difficulties inherent in contemporary artistic communication will be considered. Of particular interest are the promotion strategies through social networks adopted by public institutions, foundations, private spaces and sector professionals. But also by the artists, with the "transition" from the studio to the virtual platform. Furthermore, an unprecedented look will be opened on the creation of particular digital projects, such as an information system, research and enhancement of the contemporary.

InterviewArianna Baldoni | Nicoletta Castellaneta

Tuesday 1 June, 11.30 am live social mediaFacebookAndInstagram 

© Silvio Salvo

Nicoletta Castellaneta - Director of the Aldo Galli Academy of Fine Arts in Como – IED Network.

He is director of the Aldo Galli IED Network Academy in Como. After a training course at NABA and a Master's degree at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, he worked in the television sector as first author and production manager at Odeon TV and Mediaset from 1994 to 2002. From 2003 to 2013 he covered various roles in the of contemporary art professionals both in collaboration and alongside curators and contemporary art historians in the management of exhibition and cultural projects in the planning, coordination and construction supervision of exhibitions held in institutional spaces with the participation of public bodies and private companies. In ten years she produced, curated and organized about thirty exhibitions and cultural projects and in 2013 she founded and held the role of director of the Rivoli Foundation2. She was professor of contemporary phenomenology at the Aldo Galli Academy of Art – IED Network and at the Fondazione Collegio delle Università Milanesi.

InterviewArianna Baldoni | Christian Campanini

Tuesday 1 June, 3.30 pm live social mediaFacebookAndInstagram 

Cristiana Campanini - Journalist, art historian and founder of Art Around - The Italian Gallery Guide.


Journalist and art historian, she writes for Abitare, Arte, La Repubblica. He founded the first archive dedicated to Italian galleries, Art Around – The Italian Gallery Guide,, an independent editorial project with audio and video insights, the only one entirely dedicated to the gallery scene in Italy. He is an associate professor in the Art, valorisation and market master's degree course at the IULM University, where he deals with the Strategies of galleries within the discipline The professions of art.

Interview Arianna Baldoni | Silvio Salvo

Tuesday 1 June, 5.30 pm live social mediaFacebookAndInstagram 

Silvio Salvo

Silvio Salvo - Press office and Social Media Manager of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation in Turin.

Silvio Salvo, from 2002 to 2005, was the press office of the Grinzane Cavour Literary Prize, since 2005 he is the press office and social media manager of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, the center for contemporary art in Turin.
He has lectured at the University of Turin, the University of Bolzano, the Roma Tre University, the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, the IED of Turin, the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, the Albertina Academy of Turin , at the RCS Master and at Napier Academy. 

© Ivan Quaroni

Contemporary art and liquid aesthetics

The debate takes into consideration the theoretical models and reflections on the contemporary work of art in its multiple linguistic declinations in the "liquid society". The idea of aesthetics in the traditional sense still has an active role especially among the general public, who frequently approach the works with a gaze borrowed from visions of the past and with an historical, narrative and symbolic approach. Although the expressive modalities have greatly changed since the Second World War, the viewer often finds himself disoriented in reading contemporary works. Furthermore, the discussion analyzes how aesthetic models have evolved into the most diversified forms and what the current trends are - if it is possible to recognize the dominant currents - and the difficulties of art criticism in elaborating a reflection on contemporary changes. Finally, the work of the artist in the conception of the work, the procedural models, the influences and the mental structures of reference in the liquid society will be discussed. Definition, which today, could be labile in reflecting the recent global changes.

InterviewArianna Baldoni Paolo | Bolpagni

Thursday 3 June, 3.30 pm live social mediaFacebookAndInstagram 

© Paolo Bolpagni

Paul Bolpagni- Art historian and Director of the Lycian Art Study Center Foundation and Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti of Lucca.

After directing the Paolo VI Collection museum - contemporary art, since 2016 he has been director of the Foundation Center for Studies on Lycian Art and Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti in Lucca. Since 2019 he has also been the artistic director of the Biscozzi Foundation | Rimbaud of Lecce. As a scholar, he has so far cultivated in particular some specific research sectors: the relationship between painting and music in the 19th and 20th centuries; Italian and European art between the late 1800s and early 1900s (including aspects of graphics and illustration); international abstract art, up to kinetic and programmed results; Italian and French art of the 50s and 60s, also in its relationship with design; the "visual scores" and the verbal-visual research of the neo-avant-gardes; the relationship between art and the dimension of the sacred in the 1900s. He is one of the first art historians to use new media extensively: in 2011 he created a successful YouTube channel, “Rule of the Art”. In 2013 he won the Sulmona Prize for the history of art. He is honorary academician of the Academy of Design Arts in Florence and of the “Pietro Vannucci” Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia.

InterviewArianna Baldoni | Ivan Quaroni

Thursday 3 June, 5.30 pm live social mediaFacebookAndInstagram 

Ivan Quaroni- Art critic, curator and journalist. Coordinator and teacher at the Aldo Galli Academy of Fine Arts in Como - IED network.

Critic, curator and journalist, he has collaborated with the magazines «Flash Art» and «Arte». In 2008 he published the volume Laboratorio Italia. New trends in painting (Johan & Levi publisher, Milan). In 2009 he curated a section of the IV Prague Biennale. In the same year he was one of the curators of SerrOne - Biennale Giovani di Monza. In 2010 he published the book Italian Newbrow (Giancarlo Politi publisher, Milan), followed in 2012 by Italian Newbrow. Bad Companies (Allemandi, Turin). In 2012 he curated the Italy-China Biennale at the Villa Reale in Monza. In Italy he is among the first to disseminate American Pop Surrealism and Lowbrow Art, publishing in 2017 the book Beautiful Dreamers (Falsopiano editore, Alessandria). Since 2016 he has been coordinator of the Visual Arts department of the Aldo Galli Academy of Fine Arts in Como - IED Network, where he teaches History of Contemporary Art and Design for painting. Since 2020 he has been teaching Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan. 

© Alberto Fiore

For a cataloging system: the function of archives


The conversations are centered on how exhibition spaces increasingly need to develop cataloging and archiving systems.

In particular, it will be examined how the archives of private spaces, whether they are commercial places such as art galleries or non-profit foundations, have become a primary conservation and research device which needs to be looked at with increasing attention. In fact, these archives play a role of conservation and protection but are at the same time dynamic entities: authentication services, market and auction supervision, but also an indispensable starting point for correctly narrating, through exhibitions and publications, the journey of an author or a particular historical-artistic moment.


InterviewBianca Trevisan | Gino DiMaggio

Friday 4 June, 3.30 pm live social mediaFacebookAndInstagram 

Gino DiMaggio- President of the Mudima Foundation of Milan.

The Mudima Foundation, founded and directed by Gino Di Maggio, is the first Italian foundation set up for contemporary art. It was born at the beginning of 1989 with the aim of creating an articulated program dedicated to international experiences in the field of visual art, music and contemporary literature.

© Fabio Mantegna

Interview Bianca Trevisan | Albert Fiore

Friday 4 June, 5.30 pm live social mediaFacebookAndInstagram 

Albert Fiore- Co-director of the Galleria Raffaella Cortese in Milan.

A graduate in History of Contemporary Art, he has worked for numerous contemporary art galleries in Italy and abroad. 

He is currently co-director of Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milan.

Since 2009 he has been a collaborator of the magazine Arte e Critica.

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