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Real Collegio Lucca Art Fair


Collateral exhibition

“The Abduction of Europe”

Vladislav Scepanovich, Raphael Vs Coce,  160x200 cm, oil on canvas 2015


The Abduction of Europe” is the title of the exhibition that will frame the seventh edition of Lucca Art fair. Edited by Saša Janjic the new exhibition project, set up in the halls of the Real Collegio, presents six artists from Serbia who will address with their works the question of the relationship between center and periphery, Europe as a political, economic and cultural entity, and its reflections on our society.

In their works, the artists examine some of the paradoxical phenomena and situations that we encounter in our daily lives, while at the same time raising questions about the meaning and nature of the relationship that all of us ordinary citizens have with Europe.


The featured artists are Jovanka Stanojevic Goran Dragas Nikola Bozovic Jelena Minic Mrdjen, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, and Vladislav Scepanovich, artist already present in 2017 at the57th Venice Biennalein the national pavilion of theSerbia.

Guided tours

Also for the seventh edition of Lucca Art Fair the appointment for theguided tours in the exhibition itinerary of the fair is an opportunity for exchange and approach to the world of collecting, aimed at an amateur and non-amateur public. The itinerary is edited by Francesca Baboni.


Saturday 22 April two appointments:

15.00 - 17.00

Sunday 23 April two appointments:

11.00 am - 3.00 pm

It is possible to book by writing to

Guided tours
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