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Real Collegio Lucca Art Fair



Plinio Nomellini

Plinio Nomellini, Fanciulla uscente dal bosco,1904_© Museo Giovanni Fattori

Museum Partner is born, the new project, promoted by Lucca Art Fair, aimed at the valorization and knowledge of the art collections present in Tuscan civic museums and their artistic heritage. A vast cultural deposit, sometimes little known, which analyzed systematically, can lead to the knowledge and greater use of the general public and younger generations of the immense artistic heritage preserved in our museums, focusing on the importance of collecting as a way to acquire and preserve the works, allowing an increasingly wide audience to enjoy them over time.
The first Tuscan museum to present its collection at the fair will be the
Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori in Livorno. The exhibition, retracing the history of the acquisition of the Museo Fattori's collection, will be composed of an unpublished selection of 22 drawings and prints by the revolutionary leader of the "painters of the stain", Giovanni Fattori, and by the universe of friends, artists and students who gravitated around him; works that have long been kept away from the spotlight of the museum's official and permanent exhibitions, mainly for conservation reasons. 
"Nascita di una collezione" is therefore presented to the general public in all its exceptionality to tell the story of a collection of excellence and its artistic identity, reinforcing the fruitful dialogue between public and private institutions, fundamental for a healthy valorization of our vast cultural heritage.


Lucca Art Fair and Premio Combat renew for 2022 their collaboration for Art Tracker, a special section dedicated to the enhancement of talents under 35. This year two artists - Erika Pellicci (Barga, 1992. Lives and works in Berlin) and Marco Rossetti (Capua, 1987. Lives and works between Naples and Florence) - have been selected by the Combat jury to represent a cross-section of very young Italian art in a curatorial project within the fair's programming. For this edition, the curatorship of the final phase of Art Tracker is entrusted to Elisa Muscatelli, a young curator under 35. Art Tracker 2022 will be hosted by the Casermetta di Santa Croce, a historical bulwark located on the walls of Lucca, granted by the City of Lucca for the duration of the event, and located near the Real Collegio, this year the venue of Lucca Art Fair. The two places are placed within a dialogue that sees contemporary art permeate the urban, historical, and contemporary fabric of the city of Lucca.


The exhibition project


The exhibition project of Art Tracker 2022 is conceived starting from a reflection on the land of origin - whether it be an intimate place of research and lived experiences or belonging to a territorial place - and on wandering, a dual movement, spatial and mental, that does not allow the stasis in a single place.
The non-place of the artist's dimension thus becomes a hybrid space that never manages to define itself completely, a reality shaped by continuous cross-references and hybridizations.
The exhibition Meeting Points occupies the spaces of the Casermetta Santa Croce borrowing the looks of Marco Rossetti, between archive, historical and personal memory, and those of Erika Pellicci, with spatial and metaphorical paths towards themselves and the other, showing the complexity of the feeling of belonging to a place, a time and a body, symptomatic of the contemporary.
Accompanying the exhibition, video interviews with the collaboration of the students of the History of Art at the
University of Florence, to introduce to the public the winners of the prize and their artistic practice.


Casermetta Santa Croce, Lucca


Il progetto rientra in ambito di TOSCANAINCONTEMPORANEA2021



Anche per la sesta edizione di Lucca Art Fair si conferma l’appuntamento per le visite guidate nel percorso espositivo della fiera come occasione di scambio e avvicinamento al mondo del collezionismo, rivolte a un pubblico amatoriale e non. Il percorso è a cura di Francesca Baboni.

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sabato 21 maggio ore 11.00 - 15.00 - 17.00

domenica 22 maggio 11.00 - 15.00 

Visite guidate
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