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March 22 - 24, 2024

April 19 - 21, 2024

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T.O.E., a leading company in the contemporary art market, has been collaborating for years with national institutions and bodies for the organization of fairs and events related to the art world.

Thanks to continuous research and experimentation, and also thanks to a large community formed over the years by collectors, curators, artists, art advisors and industry professionals from all over the world, T.O.E. represents one of the most significant realities of the Italian contemporary art scene.

After the positive experience ofLucca Art Fair – which has been organizing since 2016 -- and delCombat Prize – contemporary art prize with which it actively collaborates to create mobility in the system – TOE has decided to undertake a new project in Cremona, a city located in the center of the Po Valley characterized by a solid entrepreneurial fabric, where it will be inaugurated in March, thanks to the fruitful dialogue between art, business and territory, in the CremonaFiere pavilions the new edition ofCremona Art Fair.

From a perspective that aims to bring together different realities of the art market, T.O.E. through Lucca Art Fair and Cremona Art Fair, it wants to give life to events that create collective participation in contemporary culture, with the aim of creating bridges with other cultural industries - from music to cinema - to build a new type of trade fair event that brings together and respects the identity and cultural scene of the respective territories.

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