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About us

Held at Real Collegio, LUCCA ART FAIR is an important three-day event in the field of modern and contemporary art which involves one of the best-known Italian art cities, bringing it alive with exhibitions, meetings, and other initiatives.

Although Contemporary Art in all its forms and manifestations has certainly shown considerable signs of its vitality and originality in Tuscany, here more than in any other part of Italy it has also encountered strong resistance against its distribution and appreciation because of a prejudice deriving from the undisputed heritage of medieval and Renaissance art that the region undoubtedly possesses.

Lucca Art Fair aims to give continuity to an art path which has never been discontinued while offering a real opportunity of greater visibility to those working in the arts at a level of recognised quality, and thus fostering a new awareness on the part of the art commissioning system so that it might take on an active role in the support of art.

Lucca Art Fair aims to be an important annual event comprising meetings, entertainment, and the exchange of different experiences and knowledge and is directed at the development of a network of both amateurs and professionals which is essential for the proper growth of the contemporary art system.

Lucca Art Fair − thanks to its partnership with recognised operators, the careful selection of participating galleries, and the provision of a range of services in support of visitors, − provides the stage for the unexpected in the world of art, creating an unmissable event in Tuscany, a region which is on its way to becoming a veritable laboratory of Italian culture.

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