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Lucca Art Fair opens its 8th edition: Here are all the news
Galleries, publishing houses, curatorial projects, guided tours


From 19 to 21 April 2024, Lucca Art Fair returns to the Real Collegio, the modern and contemporary art fair that for three days will make one of Italy's most famous art cities the protagonist. Born from the urgency to strengthen and widen the network of realities linked to the art world in the territory, Lucca Art Fair, in its eighth edition, proposes itself as a platform for comparison between local and international projects belonging to the world of contemporary art.

Lucca Art Fair is organised by T.O.E. in collaboration with Blob Art ETS and under the patronage of the City of Lucca, Camera di Commercio Toscana Nord Ovest, Confindustria Toscana Nord.

For this eighth edition," says Paolo Batoni, "the selection criteria were the research and quality of the exhibitors, together with the diversification of the proposal, maintaining and strengthening the commercial energy of the event. We want to feed the ferment of new market trends and facilitate the entry of new generations of enthusiasts into the world of collecting and contemporary art.

Fifty-one contemporary art operators will be present at this eighth edition, divided into the four sections that make up the fair. Three established sections will host forty-one galleries, while the brand new fourth section will be dedicated to art publishing and artists' books.

The main section, the strong point of the event, will include thirty-four galleries established on the national scene, proposing a happy aesthetic combination through a selection of works following a path from

selection of works ranging from modern and post-war art to the most contemporary. The presence of painting, both figurative and abstract, and sculpture is predominant, in line with the proposal of international fairs. In the proposed itinerary, among the local projects, the exhibition project of the 800/900 Art Studio Gallery stands out. It presents a series of works by the painter Alfredo Meschi (Lucca 1905 - 1981), often considered the artistic symbol of Lucca. Meschi devoted much of his work to capturing the urban and rural essence of the city. Among the Lucca exhibitors is the Brugiati Gallery, with a selection of existential works by the Versilia artist Giovanni Raffaelli. There is no lack of international flair, as exemplified by the Prototip Gallery in Belgrade, which presents a focus composed of photographs, drawings, video works, but also documents, recordings of performances and actions by the "Belgrade Conceptual", a group of six artists known and recognised throughout the world, composed of Marina Abramović, Dragoljub Raša Todosijević, Neša Paripović, Zoran

Popović, Era Milivojević and Gergelj Urkom, who gathered around the newly established gallery of the Belgrade Student Cultural Centre and established themselves on the world art scene in the 1970s and 1980s. The Street Levels Gallery concludes the fair's overview, offering a cross-section of the Italian and international urban art movement: Ache77, Exit Enter, James Vega, Kraita317, Monograff, Nian.

The Lucca Art Fair enriches its itinerary with the Art Projects and Independent sections, reserved for proposal galleries and non-profit realities committed to linking the most innovative languages and intergenerational dialogue. Among them is the Siena Art Institute, an international art school that, from its headquarters in the green heart of the city, is bringing to the fair a small centre of practices and experiences to establish a dialogue with insiders and onlookers. The Institute intends to open up to the world of the art market its founding values, such as attention to social practices, accessibility, technical excellence, cultural welfare, cultural exchange and environmental sustainability. The school's participation supports the concept of the art fair as a place of exchange and sharing, without renouncing its economic nature.

The fourth and new section, Editor - The Artist's Books Section, entirely dedicated to independent publishing and the artist's book, aims to highlight the kaleidoscopic nature of this aesthetic object, which in itself constitutes a platform for dialogue between the arts and the comparison of simultaneous perspectives. The range of participants brings together ten realities from different regions, representing a sample of the diversity of perspectives, with the aim of narrating the exchange between publishers and artists in the experimentation of new creative paths. Independent publishers such as Casa Editrice Peacock (Galzignano Terme, Padova), Forma Edizioni (Florence), Giostre Edizioni (Colle Val d'Elsa, Siena), Maschietto Editore (Florence) and Ronzani Editore (Rome) will be present. There will also be cultural workshops and independent artists such as Sincresis (Empoli, Florence), APRI (Bologna), Giorgia Abbati (Colorno, Parma), Laura Castellucci (Florence) and Letizia Ardillo (Rome).


This year, the exhibition itinerary of the fair and the exploration of the ways in which the most diverse languages of contemporary art meet will be completed by That's Contemporary! A call for VIDEO ARTS, a project entirely dedicated to artists' videos, which will be held for the second time at the fair, after its first edition at Cremona Art Fair 2024. The call, curated by Bianca Basile and Camilla Remondina, in collaboration with the artistic direction of the Combat Prize, was addressed to all artists who wish to represent the contemporary through video, a medium that more easily than others combines the disciplines that characterise, study and represent this temporal concept that synthesises time, giving it a synchronic and current image. Of the two hundred works submitted, ten were selected as the most powerful examples of personal and different readings of the contemporary. Together, the selected works interpret the present as a multifocal lens. "It is not possible to identify a single stylistic or ideological current that underlies recent trends in video art," say the curators Bianca Basile and Camilla Remondina, "so we have chosen ten works that provide a sample of the most important themes and genres. In these works we have noticed a particular urgency to communicate sensations and reflections that have as their subject the current human condition in relation to the problems that characterise the present on a global scale".

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